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Putting-off Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and as per usual I am not at all prepared. I don’t know why this always happens but it does. Every year I promise myself that next Christmas will be different, that it won’t catch me by surprise but come November I’m already in procrastination mode and come mid-December I’m in panic as the mountain of stuff that needs doing sets in. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I don’t actually like Christmas. However, I do like mince pies and for those I am prepared. Since I live in France, the traditional Robertson’s mincemeat that we all know and love is in scarce supply so I’ve had to make my own for the past couple of years. If you don’t make your own, rest assured, it’s actually super easy (just a bit on the hefty side in dried-fruit supplies). This year I opted for this recipe from Mary Berry and am pretty impressed with the results actually. This little lot got gobbled up within hours of coming out of the oven.


Other news - did I say I’d opened a Big Cartel shop? Probably; I’m pretty excited about it because it’s my first online selling space since I closed my shop on Artfinder and you can snap up original paintings, like this one below. Well the good news is, it’s open all the time AND it’s not too late to get some gifts for Christmas; not if you’re anything like me anyway.

Out At Sea, Rachel Horne 2018

Out At Sea, Rachel Horne 2018

I’ve been discovering lots of new music recently, probably due to the fact that I have BBC Radio 6 non-stop throughout the day and since they play such an eclectic array of music it’s pretty inevitable. My current album favourite is Wanderer, Cat Power. I’m also really enjoying Deporation Blues from BC Camplight and Merrie Land from The Good, The Bad and The Queen - maybe you’ll like them too, if so you can follow me on Deezer here to discover some of the other stuff I listen to.