Exhibition at the Collège Chateaubriand in Plancoët

I recently (last week actually) had the wonderful opportunity to show some of my art in a school (Collège Chateaubriand, Plancoët).  


Many children don't get much of a chance to see any art so having it there on their doorstop is such a great initiative, put into place by the school's super Reception Manager,  Joëlle Pascal.  The idea is to regularly showcase artists in the reception area of the school, giving the pupils a chance to experience art in its many interpretations.  The pupils are encouraged to get up close to the artwork and write their thoughts on the paintings in a book if they wish to do so.  Contrary to many adults, children seem better able to translate their thoughts on art into words in an honest, immediate way.


It's the first time my audience has been mostly made up of teenagers and it was an extremely rewarding experience all round!  

Many thanks to Joëlle Pascal's husband for the photographs!