I am english and was born and raised in Yorkshire in the north of england. i moved to france in 2001 where i still live with my family.   

whilst i find much of my inspiration in british (and sometimes french) landscapes, i also draw on past experiences and relationships when i'm in the process of painting and the landscape becomes a means of translating those memories onto canvas. 

My paintings could be considered as little stories : houses and birds replace people and are at times larger than they would be in real life.  I'm not seeking to paint what we can all see or even photograph should we wish to, but to interpret what we see and invite the observer on a journey into an imaginary place.  each painting thus tells its own story but is to be interpreted freely.

i paint mostly in acrylics but i also love using other materials : handwritten words and torn papers allow me to add more interest and dimension to my paintings and at the same time make their own special contribution to the painting's story.